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Smoke And Mirrors! Post 201

Smoke and Mirrors! 

Do you hear us?

Do we sync with you?

Do you control us?

Do you know everything we do?

Do you try to con us?

Do you have lies on que?

Do you want to scare us?

We are no longer in fear of you.

Did you think you could forever fool us?

We see the smoke and mirrors.

This is nothing new

Stop trying to fool is with your haze.

We have no fear of you.

Try as you may, we see through the maze.

Your lies we know.

We are no longer the fools.

Despite every distraction you throw. 

We see though all of your smoke and mirrors.

Benefits of lose

A benefit of losing just about everything that you used to desperately hold on to is change from the inside out rather than the outside in. 

Another benefit is the realization that a great deal of your losses(especially in material form) are usually not losses at all but transformations.

Yet, another benefit of lose is that at some point you begin to realize that you have nothing to lose so you might as well do what you love.

Falling Apart To Be Realigned

Falling apart to be realigned. 

Because I am tired of running blind.

I am on a journey of transformation.

I am no longer afraid of limitation.

Nothing is going unturned.

There so much to be learned.

I am being realigned in every way to be reassembled into the new me.

I am not afraid to be free.

I am breaking down the walls of my prison. 

I am tearing down every stone of these walls that have arisen.

Noone said it is easy to do.

If I can do it so can you.

Step-by-step, I am becoming who I was really meant to be.

Not societies version of me.

Go ahead and bring on the resistence.

Because I am changing my false sense of  esistence.

Go ahead and throw your stones.

I feel the transformation in my bones.