Why Choose Love?

Why Choose Love?

The ultimate source of pure love brings people together. 

The ultimate source of pure love brings understanding. 

The ultimate source of pure love is a healing agent that has the ability to lift up Humanity.

The ultimate source of pure love knows not war, division, or selfishness. 

Why choose love?

Because the world knows it not. Unless it is what more people choose to strive towards.

Noone is perfect but could you imagine how much better the world would be if it was love we decided strive towards?

Can you imagine what the world will be like without Division and War?

A place of dreams and fairytales. 

But, what if it is possible?

Can you imagine what would happen if we all choose to strive towards this kind of pure love?

Oh how quickly the world would change. 

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The War On The Poor. Rant

So for the third or fourth year in a row I have heard the heartbreaking stories of people getting arrested for feeding the the homeless on the American Thanksgiving Holiday. Especially in the stae of Florida. In my own hometown of Modesto, California and many other cities bear and far have actually outlawed sleeping in the public parks or streets anytime day or night. Yet, the homeless problem didn’t go away because of it. In fact, it is growing worse. The current systems seem to only serve money for the most part not people. The current systems seem to catiter to the rich. They could care less of the sufferings of others. They just say, “NIMBY” or “Not In My Backyard.” And the systems seem to do what the people with the most money want for the most part. If the rich think it the homeless are unpleasent than they will do anything to get rid of their discomfort usually by lowering their resources and hoping they will go away. Cities and communites often make homelessness itself illegal. Why? Because money throwers say, “Not in my backyard.” 

Don’t let that 90 year-old man or anyone else feed the homeless….why? As far as I can tell….”NIMBY.” Maybe we won’t have to see them if there is no food. It goes on and on. The inhumanity is sickening. 

How did we get to the point where it becomes illegal to help people who may not be in the best current condition to help themselves? How did it become a crime to feed others? How did we get to a point where sleeping in public a crime to those who haven’t a place to lay their heads? How did we become this…?

Being Societies version of “Perfect and Normal.”

Everyone is unique. Therefore, we have to be careful about how we view the outside version of the seemingly, “Perfect and normal” imagine of some others(if there really are any truely). Perfect doesn’t exist. So many people are constantly pressured to be 100% “perfect” and “normal” all the time. And what is, “normal” and “perfect?” Is it something that is decided by the masses or by the very few? I would say that people should just be themselves and think for themselves. Rather than spend their waking hours concerned with looking, “perfect” and “normal” for some other entity that we may or may not even be able to name(sometimes). When we do this it turns into a habit which leads to a great deal of stress, which leads to a lack of clear thinking and which can also lead to unhealthy relationships(including the one we have with own self) and even to an unhealthy body by the mere presure alone. 

Smoke And Mirrors! Post 201

Smoke and Mirrors! 

Do you hear us?

Do we sync with you?

Do you control us?

Do you know everything we do?

Do you try to con us?

Do you have lies on que?

Do you want to scare us?

We are no longer in fear of you.

Did you think you could forever fool us?

We see the smoke and mirrors.

This is nothing new

Stop trying to fool is with your haze.

We have no fear of you.

Try as you may, we see through the maze.

Your lies we know.

We are no longer the fools.

Despite every distraction you throw. 

We see though all of your smoke and mirrors.

Benefits of loss

A benefit of losing just about everything that you used to desperately hold on to is change from the inside out rather than the outside in. 

Another benefit is the realization that a great deal of your losses(especially in material form) are usually not losses at all but transformations.

Yet, another benefit of loss is that at some point you begin to realize that you have nothing to lose so you might as well do what you love.