Heatwaves and Drama

What is it about summertime and passion?

What is it about summertime and tension?

When the weather stays really hot, it often seems like tempers get hotter.

When the weather stays really hot, people get sicker.

When the weather stays really hot, the days are usually much longer.

When the weather stays really hot, we seem to have less energy to get things done.

The physical state and mental state are so deeply in sync that they are basically one.


Trust is earned.

Trust is rarely just given.

Trust is not permenant.

Trust is always subject to change. 

Trust is secure.

Trust is also very sensitive.

Trust is like building a really large Domino Rally or putting together a very complicated jigsaw puzzle.

Trust could take many hours, days, weeks, or months or sometimes even years to develop.

Trust also only take minutes or even a second to destroy.

Trust then often takes a long time to rebuild. 

So be careful little heart who you trust.

Be careful how you handle those who put their trust in you. 

What happened?

What happened?

I look in the mirror and I barely see myself.

I look back at the many years of clouds and confusion.

I look at my lowest points and I remember, This is nothing new.

The breakthough is just around the corner.

The nightmare will soon be over. 

Oh how the cycles repeat.

It is time to sow the seeds to break these cycles.

Different seeds lead the different plants.

Planting new things all starts and contunes in the mind.

I am slowly becoming more stable than ever.

I am feeling better than before.

Despite all of my pain and sit backs.

What Happened? 

It is starts in the mind.