The ABc’s of a More Abundant Life. N-Z

N. Nourish = Nourish your body and soul wisely.

O. Open = Be open to new ideas and new ways of thinking.

P. Purpose = Find your own purpose and path and follow it.

Q. Quit any sense of malevolence = One who holds any sense of malevolence intentions in one’s heart; creates bad outward vibes.

R. Realism = Be realistic about what you want and where you want to be.

S. Sensitivity = Be sensitive towards the needs of others. Take care of your own needs as well.

T. Transparency = Dishonestly in relations will almost always lend to sour relations.

U. Unity = Unity in thought and action always lead to happier and more productive outcomes.

V. Vision = Envision what you want in your mind’s eye. Adjust your vision when needed.

W. Words = Use your tongue and your pen wisely and with great care.

X. Excellence = Strive for excellence and realise that you already have excellence in some form.

Y. You = Be yourself not what others what you to be.

Z. Zealous + Be zeolous for life.



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