The ABc’s of a More Abundant Life. A-M

A. Attitude = Keep it positive and you will attract more positivity in your life.

B. Belief = Believe in yourself. Believe in what you can do. Believe that you can do and overcome anything. Then make realistic goals.

C. Curiousity = Be curious like a child. Ask questions. Don’t assume anything without first exploring the facts and research.

D. Discover = Do new things to keep yourself active both physically and mentally to the best of your abilities.

E. Encouragement = Encourage others and yourself. Surround yourself with people who are encouraging.  Minimize interaction with those who wish to discourage you.

F. Fun = Take time to just have fun. Be silly. It isn’t a waste. It is good for your health and it helps to combat aging.

G. Gratitude = Be grateful for every single blessing. Take time to be thankful for even the little things that are often overlooked.

H. Helpful = Be helpful when you can towards others as well as towards yourself. Ask for help when you need it.

I. Intuition = Listen to it and follow it always.

J. Judgement = Make sure you think things through before making important decisions.

K. Kindness = Be kind without being a doormat. Bare in mind that everyone has struggles to deal with.

L. Love = Love is the most important and the most powerful thing in life. Love transforms everything. Put love above all things.

M. Meditate = Take time to slow down and practice thought control.


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