Weekend Quotes


The Power of Words.

Such a statement as the one in the picture can be very thought provoking. A little text that could have a many different meanings to the person reading it. As soon as the imagination is used to interpret it. Even if one only does so for millisecond before ultimately dismissing it. This is what is sometimes what makes fiction and even in some cases, non-fiction so awesome to me.

Anyone  could take such a short statement and encourage themselves to look at the good in the moment when they feeling low. Or even think of the cycles of life and balance. etc. It could even create for some a more interesting day as they think about meanings to such a verse. 

Althought, It is also emotionally provoking. One may look at such a statement and laugh at it and call it silly. Another may feel reassured. Another may get angry and think of it as misleading, childish propaganda. Such examples are only but a few. This is an example of power of the written word. 

Introvert Rant

The one thing that I am the most misunderstood for and have been throughout my whole life among many is my extreme introverted side….97%. If you top that off with my high sensitivity to just about everything and my intivitive nature…it leads to a lot of misunderstanding. One is that I am anti-social but this is far from true. If I didnt learn to develop and thick and highly gated skin it would be almost offensive. It is laughable at best. Anti-social is a commonly misused term that has been used for us rare types. I am not detached or unloving to those in need. I like to reach out when I can. I have never killed anyone or have gotten anywhere close to it. I am probably one of the most harmless people u will ever meet. For the most part…I have very limited and almost zero desire for revenge on those who hurt me. When I do feel that desire…it rarely lasts. I often get over it quickly. On the other hand, If u hurt my child or someone that consitter my family…u might find yourself shocked about what a “heartless bitch” that I can become to defend them. In fact, I tend to shock the hell out people when they see the rare side if me.  I feel the feelings and energies of others around me so much that it can be very overwhelming….especially around those that I care the most about. I do much better with people one and one or when I feel that I have a purpose. I act and look like my unique self because I only have this current life once. I am not perfect or magazine beautiful or a social butterfly and I never will be. But, I am intelligent, kind, compassionate and hard-working when I need to be. I am very empathic and very often highly intuned to others. I just dont always show it to everyone…just those I know well who I know care about what I have to say even when they disagree. Hi, My name is Jane. I am not anti-social. I am not cold. I am a highly sensitive introvert with flaws that match.