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A Tale of Two Leaders

One was a conman.

Who reminded people of an era bygone.

One was a decent man.

Who wanted not for fires to fan.

One called for division.

Convinced followers into submission.

One called for diversity of opinion.

As he wanted to relieve some tension.

One plays victim.

To hold on to his kingdom.

One takes responsibility.

To lead with example to the best of his ability.

Who can’t tell the difference?

The power of instance.

Misleading information.

Feeding deformation.

Creating desperation.

To dishonest commication.

Clever and unwise projection.

Gaslighting and dejection.

Abusing people who question.

With ever increasing destitution.

As a resolution.

Discouraging self-education.

Play attention.

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Enjoying the Music Again!

I knew this day would come!

I refuse to be done.

I wouldn’t turn on the radio, play music videos, sing or dance.

It is like I am in a trance.

I wouldn’t even listen to my favorite songs.

It felt like sharp pongs.

Because my heart hurt so bad everytime.

I can’t explain the trauma of all my sudden loses.

The ridiculous costs.

They didn’t even happen slowly.

It seemed almost otherworldly.

The thief of my heart.

It was tore apart.

To the extreme and so many directions at once.

It was all too much.

My positivity keeps me going.

I keep moving.

Positive thinking could only do so much.

Plan at the slightest touch.

I know my heart is coming together again.

As the broken start to mend.

As the pain ever so slowly fades.

I see through the daze.

I will start a new life soon.

I refuse to be the subject doom.

I am grateful everyday for the darkness.

I found a greater sense of mindfulness.

I am grateful everyday for the light that comes in.

I will continue to start again.

That brief candle that sniffed out.

Comes back back without a doubt.

It is coming back brighter.

I am a warrior, a fighter.

I enjoy the music again.

This isn’t the end.

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