Monday Quotes


Racing Fast

Time moves fast. 

My brain is runing miles a minute. 

Hungry for the constant learning.

Enjoying the constantancy of new ideas that keep flowing my way.

Because I have opened my heart and mind open to a greater expanded awareness.

Ask the universe and you can do this to.

It is really matter of choice.

You don’t have to be super bright or gifted.

You just have to have a willingness to open your heart and mind to a whole universe of ideas and your learning will never truly stop. 

False Truth! 

We are upside down.

Can you hear the sound?

They will throw you out of town.

If you look above the ground.

Refuse to think for yourselves.

We don’t want you to stand out.  
We don’t want we’re about.

We refuse to think for ourselves.

We are scared of what might be found.

We must keep our heads down.

We must stay bound.

We call this right, to spend our lives, upside-down. 

Copyright 2017@ Jane

Why Choose Love?

Why Choose Love?

The ultimate source of pure love brings people together. 

The ultimate source of pure love brings understanding. 

The ultimate source of pure love is a healing agent that has the ability to lift up Humanity.

The ultimate source of pure love knows not war, division, or selfishness. 

Why choose love?

Because the world knows it not. Unless it is what more people choose to strive towards.

Noone is perfect but could you imagine how much better the world would be if it was love we decided strive towards?

Can you imagine what the world will be like without Division and War?

A place of dreams and fairytales. 

But, what if it is possible?

Can you imagine what would happen if we all choose to strive towards this kind of pure love?

Oh how quickly the world would change. 

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